Money Bull and Thinking Bear –

Money Bull and Thinking Bear (MBTB) are 2 sides of the same person. The Money Bull cares about financial matters and the Thinking Bear cares about thought, ideas and our relationship with money. As they gather more nuggets of insights about money, psychology and stuff; their thoughts and opinions would be organized in a clear, simple, and relatable manner to everyone. They hope to use this blog to bounce ideas and create reflective loop to trigger some higher order thinking based on their first hand experiences.


Money Bull :

At the start of the journey, the managing money seemed like an enormous task. After organizing my thoughts, the enormous task is now broken down into bite sizes steps which we would tackle one at a time.


Thinking Bear :

Thinking Bear was aware of the importance of money, but he never took action until 7 years later. When I look around me, my family, friends and me are all at a different stage in terms of our relationship with money. As the relationship mature, as we gain awareness, take ownership and take action.